Another of WRCC’s long standing programs, Youth Services impacts
                Windham families through a range of services that includes Adolescents in Crisis,
Youth Action Council, Juvenile Review Board, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Substance Abuse
Prevention, School Based Services/Summer Programs. It serves more than 4,000 youth clients and
about 300 parents and others per year through its various programs, whose goals are:

To promote the positive development of youth in Windham (2,319)
To decrease the negative impact of crisis behavior for adolescents (54)
To promote a lifestyle free of substance use for youth in Windham & others residing at Windham
Heights through after-school programs, education & alternative activities. (1,318)
To divert youth exhibiting delinquent behaviors from the juvenile justice system (45)
To prevent early parenthood in adolescents residing at Windham Heights (31)
To provide intensive case management services to children on probation or parole (27)
To enhance services provided by the schools and the Town to Windham youth. (1,000+)
Windham Youth Services
For more information on Windham Youth Services contact Pat Calvo at
(860)423-4534 ext. 321 or email