Immunization Action Plan
Reach Out and Read (ROR)
Reach Out and Read is a non-profit pediatric literacy program.  Its
goal is to instill the importance of reading to children at an early
age.  The consists of modeling reading by volunteers in the waiting
room, guidance for parents from a pediatric provider who is trained
in the importance of literacy and finally each child is given a
developmentally and culturally appropriate book to take home.
Provided with permission from the State of Connecticut 8-25-06
Department of Public Health. The purpose of the program is to
The WRCC Immunization Action Plan is funded through the
increase immunization levels among children ages birth to five
years of age, by engaging in activities designed to improve
vaccine delivery, tracking and outreach, referrals, education and
assessment. One of the most useful ways of achieving these
goals is working with the Connecticut Immunization Registry and
Tracking System better known as CIRTS another program of the
Department of Public Health.   Each year the program services
approximately 1500 children through various efforts.
This program also chairs the Windham Healthy Mothers/Healthy
Babies Coalition which functions as an immunization advisory
board.  This coalition meets four to six times per calendar year.
For more information contact Andrea Rosario, IAP
Coordinator, at (860) 423-4534 ext. 318