The Outreach Services Program
Outreach Services provides comprehensive HIV risk reduction education to residents
in Windham & Tolland Counties.  Outreach is conducted in communities in the
counties through social service agencies, local school districts and universities, court
support services, community referrals and self-referrals.  Contacts are made by
group level interventions to target populations, HIV+ persons and youth, through the
Healthy Relationships and Street Smart interventions.  The Outreach Services
Program provided HIV counseling & testing services in community locations and our
Main Street office to 278  people during the year and had phone contact with an
additional 125  people to answer questions about HIV testing.  Testing sites include
Student Health Services and the Women's Center on the campus of Eastern
Connecticut State University, St. Paul's Covenant Soup Kitchen, Windham Public
Schools, and local drug treatment facilities.   After specific prevention training, staff
facilitated intervention groups with 86 participants from Windham County.   
Community HIV education campaigns were conducted during AIDS Awareness Month
and for World AIDS Day, National HIV Testing Day and Youth HIV Awareness Day.  
The program collaborated with the Generations Family Health Care to run the
Adolescent Outreach Project and received funding from the State of CT Office of
Policy & Management to extend services in Tolland County for one year.
For more information contact Kathey Fowler at (860)423-4534 ext. 320 or

To schedule an HIV test call (860) 423-4534
Provided with permission from the State of Connecticut 8/25/06